I’ve Been Busy…On My Blog!


I have been terrible at posting on my website here. However, I have been pretty busy on my blog! The reason? I get much better participation and readership on my blog than here. I love to see you all, and I love to hear what you have to say about posts and the like.

My most recent project was a story that stemmed from a dream I had several weeks ago and The Art of You was born. Eventually, I will publish in an anthology of romantic kinds of stories, so it won’t be available forever! But at the heart of this story and the one who showed up in my dream was Hugh Jackman. Now I like Hugh on the screen. I know I will never, ever in my lifetime meet him...

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Across the Threshold Book Tour: Character Interview!

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Today, us Wordsmyths are posting character interviews with our main characters. I am introducing you to Nahdea, a stubborn but very curious little faerie of mixed blood. A faerie who has been chosen to save her kind from the human race!
Once upon a time, there was a stubborn little faerie named Nahdea.

Once upon a time, there was a stubborn little faerie named Nahdea.

1. Where were you born?
I’m not quite sure about my place of birth, but I was found by Nahdea…my parents were dead.
2. Tell us about your parents.
I shall tell you that I consider Aetherial to be my mother. She is my queen, my nurturer and my caregiver. I love her nearly as much as I love Bronson. My blood parents died in an awful war over their love as my father was of Pixie heritage and my mother was a Sidhe...
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NEW RELEASE! Across the Threshold…

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It is my day for posting on the tour and I wanted to do something a little different. As a writer, I do my best, as I know all authors do, to bring my stories to life with words. To paint your pictures with words of black ink and to suck you right into what is happening.


“Take my hand and come across the threshold where nothing is as it should be, yet everything is an adventure!

This collection of stories comes from a group of authors who have aptly named themselves “The Twisted Willow Wordsmyths”. Their imagination will take you to places you never knew existed. From the power of a human tree to the fanciful Three Little Pigs, the trials of a stubborn little faerie to the rhythm of ancient drums, the curse of an old ship to the possibility of stars making wishes...

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Meet Aspen Tiller (Part 1 of my blog series: Meet the Cast)


I thought it would be a lot of fun to do some in depth character introductions since The Aspen Series is already FIVE books deep! So who are these people who influence my life so much? Who are the ones who have kept my attention for just over 15 years and counting?

Well, I will tell you. The thing is, I have a blog and a website. Sure, I would love to use my website exclusively, but I have a TON more readers who frequent my blog. So I host them both. I wasn’t about to write all these articles twice! With that in mind, I will post the link to take you right to the post on my blog.

I challenge you to read the post and identify with Aspen Tiller, my main muse in this whole series. She is so much a part of me and has become a part of many other people as well...

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PARTY DAY! GET YOUR COPY OF The Benevolent Light!

TBL Cover

So as promised, I am posting up the links that will take you where you need to go in order to order or download your very own copy of The Benevolent Light. Now remember, this is part FIVE of a six part series. Don’t worry, I have all the books you need in one place on Amazon.com and if you are looking for physical copies, some are here and some are here.

But! The moment you have been waiting for is HERE! Check out these links to purchase the newest of The Aspen Series…The Benevolent Light!

Amazon Kindle Version

Paper copy through Lulu.com

If you would like an autographed paper copy, please email me at darktowerfamily@yahoo.com and we will get that out to you!

If you want an autograph for your eCopy, you can send me a request through Authorgraph.


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The Benevolent Light RELEASES 9/17/13!!

TBL Cover

I know, I know…this book has been a long time coming.

Where I never had an issue being a book ahead, this one literally took me over two years to complete. I can’t quite tell you why I have had issues for I looked forward to writing this book a ton! Perhaps it was all mental. It wouldn’t be the first time someone called me mental. lol

So for those of you who are avid fans and readers of my work, I want to thank you. Without you all, I would still write, but it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying. I have had wonderful remarks and some I would like to forget ever said anything at all, but I learn from each one of you.

This is book FIVE! Yes, book FIVE! There is only one more installment now that The Benevolent Light is here...

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Return to Cardamom Blog Tour Button 2013

Oh boy! I apologize for the late post here on the tour. I had it in my mind that I was posting tomorrow.

So I am a fan of children’s books. I write them too. So I get tickled when a great new series enters the scene. I will admit that I have a harder time getting into stories set in the future or have a scientific base. My brain thinks in the fantasy realm with magical powers and the knight in shining armor.

This book, however, is such a mix of everything it is hard not to get into the action. Aside from all of the fantastical scenery and events like space travel, the characters are fun and feel modern and easy to relate to by the younger generation...

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The Benevolent Light Releases September 17th, 2013!

TBL Cover

Darkness shrouds the Darktowers as they press forward, the familiar cliffs in the forefront of their minds as their journey comes close to the end.
Rothan sits over his mound of gold, the devil in command of his army with his evil eyes seeing each shadow, every corner, any opportunity with which to gain power, to flaunt the tree upon his palm and take what he covets most.
And through the storm that brews, the light fades until the blackness chokes all in its path. A battle of wills dictates which path will be taken and when the torment ends, Aspen finds one brilliant shaft of light. A benevolent light. The most beautiful beam of light one has ever seen.

It is finally coming…The Benevolent Light is releasing on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013...

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Writing Is Like Poker…


I had a Blogger account that I kept up on for a while before I came to WordPress. I suppose that I didn’t feel my thoughts were really going to anyone. I was new at it all and did not understand how to blog.

So, I thought I would share this post again as I don’t use that account anymore. Just a little bit of humor to make the day go on.

I hope you are all enjoying the time with family and friends today and if there are any poker games going on, remember…Writing is like poker. lol

Writing is Like Poker…
I was at a game of poker last night with my husband and some friends and it occurred to me that writing and playing the publishing game is a lot like playing poker…very much like gambling.

You put your words together and throw your “ante” out there to the publisher, who is like the dealer ...

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The Aspen Series is on promo!

Cast Dungeon
It is hard to put good books online and even harder to get readers! So it is your lucky day!
For one more day, the first four books of The Aspen Series are on a free promotion. Grab them while they are on me! :D
You can visit my Amazon page for download information!

*Noble Courage
*The Price of Power
*Tears of Penance
*Salvation of the Forgotten

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